There are are a couple of things i would like to say about Brittanys they do things first and ask questions later.

When they are puppies i find that people keep them on the lead and not free run them, at eight weeks old you can catch up with them if they run off, or dont listen to you, but most times and at that age they want to be with you, so you can put in lots of fun training and bonding. 

Then by six months old you should be able to have a good recall on the whistle, as the most important time in a puppies life is from eight weeks to six months old they learn so much in a little time, The good and bad things. 

I would like to advise every one to go to puppy classes and dog traning classes  obeadence or gun dog training with a hpr club. 

I have had brittanys for 20 years and still go to an hpr gun dog club, they are such versitile dogs they can do any type of training from gun dog training to agility, they are very quick to pick up new things, and great fun to train, but at the same time can be quick to pick up bad habits as well, if you are unsure members of the Brittany club are always there to help you, or you can always email us.