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Andy and Sue Coveney

We acquired our first Brittany in1999; This is after seeing them two years previously whilst hawking with our redtail and Harris hawk, watching those fantastic dogs work who are unlike any other breed we had seen before, so fast to cover the ground and to go on point when they came across the smell of a rabbit.

We could not imagine how we had ever managed without one, We heard about a litter in Wales and that’s how we come to have Tilly such a brilliant little girl.

I bought Tilly to work with our birds of prey, and as such did not encourage the retrieving side of her work, something i regretted later.

We did not intend to show our dogs but were encouraged to do so with Tilly when a friend saw her at the falconers fair at two and a half years old. 

We went to the Brittany club weekend and she came "first" in her class encouraged by the judge to carry on and do ringcraft so after that we were hooked on the showing side as well as the working side.

Working the is our first love, we have plenty of space for training and running the dogs as we live in the countryside of suffolk with close acess to woods and river.

We do have one non Brittany a collie called max, who I had when I worked on Jimmy’s farm he is now 13 years old and a real lovely dog, Sue does a bit of obedience with him and we work him with the sheep when we get the chance.