We are importing a new puppy from France he will join our family in october when he is 15 weeks, his name is Inca and we cant wait to go and collect him.

Hello Everyone my name is Inca, I came to England from france a couple of months ago, at first i didnt like it as no one spoke french and i was taken away from my brothers and sisters, but i soon realised i had nine new friends and a new Mummy and Daddy, my english is a lot better and my Mummy and Daddy says i am a very good boy even if i am a bit naughty, and i love my cuddles on the sofa at night with all my new friends.

Last weekend my daddy took me to northumberland with Harley for my first HPR training weekend with Andy Cullen, it was a very long journey and i wondered where i was going but it was great and i learnt to sit on the box and i did lots of retreiving, and had a run on the moors.

Well i am now one year old and my english is coming on well, my Daddy is very pleased with me and now with a bit of help from Andy Cullen and Julian Apps i can now swim, i went with Daddy to Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and did my first competition, it was very different on the moors to where i am used to running and it took me a little while to get used to it but with a bit of encouragement from Daddy i found a grouse but i jumped out of my skin when it shouted at me, i shall be wiser next time !!!.

Well its now november and the shooting season but i am a bit young for all that so every saturday daddy takes Harley and Echo, but not for me to be left out last week daddy took me to Andy Cullen's two days training in sussex, i stayed in uncle Julians house with his dogs and i was on my best behavior, and on the training days i was so good and my swimming is coming on so well.

Hello everyone,

well this year has gone by very quick and I spent the summer having fun with the other dogs, I am now two years old and love my training, and having cuddles.

my mummy and daddy have got two new kittens called Parker and Polly they run about very fast and I don't like them much they scare me.

i hope all my doggie friends have a lovely hunting season and Christmas,        Inca x